Tips for Case Study

Once you have created a product or delivered a service that is liked by your client, now is the perfect time to compile their experience and your efforts in a detailed and informative text, known as case study. A case study need not be too detailed or lengthy but should be long enough to cover all important aspects.

Here are some useful tips to create and draft an interesting case study, something that is going to make your brand stand out –

  • Understand what you want to write about – Selecting the area of focus is one of the most important things while writing a case study. You may not be able to find the perfect candidate to interview every time, but you may invest some efforts into finding someone that hands out important information.

    The candidate should be excited about your brand and sing praises of your product/service. Apart from that, focus on making your candidate have a good experience. A first-hand experienced customer is always good after all!

    If you cannot, for some reason, provide a first-hand experience to you candidate, talk to him in detail about what your company has to offer and allow him then explain his understanding to you. That way, you may understand whether he is the perfect person to talk about your product or not.


  • Create a Story from Start to End – After you have found the perfect person to talk about your brand, you need a story. Something that your target audience and your customers can relate to. A story is one of the most influential and powerful means by which you may pull crowds. If you are not capable enough to create something compelling, it is good to hire a professional to do that for you!

    The story must start with introduction of the customer – who is he and what he does? How and why is he talking about your product? Why does he need that product and how his life changed after using it? Something that people may relate to.


  • Follow an Easy Format – Do not write your case study in a complex manner that makes it difficult to read or understand. Always follow an easy to read format, something that has a flow and can be read in minutes. People lose interest after a few minutes, but to keep them on the same page, it is necessary to have a flow in your text or narrative.

    If possible, you may include headings, sub-headings, images and a lot of real-life scenarios. You may also include video clippings to make the entire case study interesting and more interactive.


  • Promoting the Case Study – Once you are done with writing the case study, now comes the most challenging part, and that is – promotions! Promotions are tougher than the rest of the things, because of the large amount of competition involved. Every brand wants to reach out to their audience in the most unique and different manner, and they usually choose to pay to promote their service/product.

    You may also either post paid promotional ads on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. You must start before the final thing is complete, such that you can gather attention of the audience from the beginning. Once your promotions kick-in, there is no going back for you or your brand! But for the ads to work, you need to invest in a lot of thoughts and efforts.


  • Continue the Promotions and Update the Audience – If you manage to create the buzz on social media, do not allow it die a cold death! Follow up with the candidates you interviewed and feature their present lives on your social media handles. Once people will find out that your brand is something that genuinely helps people in achieving something, they will be connected to it in an amazing way.

    There are many ways to follow up, and one of them is including more interviews of recent time. Update your audience, by telling them that your candidates are happy with your services/products. This is one of the ways by which many companies ensure that their target audience thinks that the product/service is genuinely good for long-term usage, or worth a try once!